What are the different types of disc golf disc plastics?

Plastic descriptions for the Trilogy brands coming soon!


There are so many factors that come into play when choosing a disc golf disc. The type of plastic that is used is one more factor that can be added to the list. The plastic type can affect grip, durability, flexibility and even the discs flight path. Generally economy plastics in each brand will "break in" faster than premium plastics but are not as durable. Each plastic blend has its' own special features which makes it important to consider each type of plastic for each of your discs. Generally a disc golf player will carry a variety of plastics, even some in the same model. Each plastic blend is listed below for different disc golf manufacturers ranked from economy to premium plastics plus specialty blends.

Discmania Banner

D-Line: $9.99

Affordable economy plastic with semi-high grip and very low durability. Breaks in very quickly but will damage easily. Ideal plastic for putters and new players looking for inexpensive discs.

Discmania D-Line Plastic

X-Line: $14.99

A mid-grade, very high grip plastic that is the best choice for wet and cold weather conditions. Breaks in quickly and has better durability than D-Line plastic.

Discmania X-Line Plastic

P-Line: $14.99

A mid-grade, high grip plastic with a great feel and additional glide. Breaks in quickly and but with increased durability. Discs in P-Line plastic tend to be more understable than the following premium plastics. *Note that P-Line putters have their own special blend of P-Line Plastics. The P-Line P1 is soft with high grip while the P-Line P2 is very firm that professionals prefer for putters.

Discmania P-Line Plastic

C-Line: $16.99

A highly durable plastic with good grip and a translucent appearance. C-Line plastic will retain its' original flight characteristics for an extended period of time and can take a beating without showing much damage. C-Line plastic is a great choice for heavily wooded and rugged courses.

Discmania C-Line Plastic

Blizzard C-Line: $16.99

C-Line plastic with added microscopic air bubbles inside the rim of the disc. These bubbles help to create high speed drivers in very low weights, which allow for long distances with less effort. Lower weights contain more air bubbles which decreases the discs' durability. Discs under 139 grams float in water.
Discmania C-Line Blizzard

Metal Flake C-Line: $17.99

Durable C-Line plastic with added metal flakes within the plastic creating a unique look. The Metal Flakes may change the flight characteristics but the durability and feel remain the same.
Discmania Metal Flake Plastic

Luster C-Line: $17.99

C-Line plastic but with a very unique look. The durability and grip remain the same but flight characteristics may change depending on the mold. Typically Luster C-Line plastic is slightly more opaque and may have some color bursts in the flight plate.
Discmania C-Line Plastic

Glow C-Line: $18.99

Durable C-Line plastic that glows in the dark.

Discmania C-Line Glo Plastic

S-Line: $17.99

A high grip, high durability premium plastic. S-Line plastic is great for all weather conditions and will not dramatically change its' original flight characteristic even after hard collisions. A great plastic for drivers.

Discmania S-Line

Shimmer S-Line: $17.99

A unique blend of S-Line plastic and various metallic additives. This blend gives the disc a more natural essence but has a similar feel to the S-Line plastic.
Discmania S-Line Shimmer

Swirl S-Line: $19.99

The same premium S-Line plastic but with a mix of colors for a majestic appearance.
Discmania S-Line Swirl Plastic

G-Line: $17.99

A flexible version of S-Line plastic that provides high grip, high durability and shock absorbance. G-Line plastic has added glide and a unique appearance compared to S-Line plastics.

Discmania G-Line Plastic

Discraft Banner

Pro-D: $8.99

An Affordable, economy plastic with very high grip and very low durability. Breaks in very quickly but will damage easily. Ideal plastic for putters and new players looking for inexpensive discs.

Discraft Pro D (D-Line) Plastic

X-Line: $10.99

An affordable, economy plastic with slightly less grip than Pro-D plastic but with triple the durability. A great option for new players in heavily wooded and rugged courses or to use for putters.

Discraft X-Line Plastic

Jawbreaker: $13.99

Very high grip with moderate durability and a unique look. Made from a combination of recycled plastics and a very sought-after plastic for put and approach discs.

Discraft Jawbreaker Plastic

Z-Line: $15.99

A highly durable plastic with moderate grip and a translucent appearance. Z-Line plastic is the choice of pros under normal playing conditions

Discraft Z-Line Plastic

Z Lite: $15.99

A low weight plastic with high durability and grip. Great for reaching maximum distance with less effort.
Discraft Z-Lite Plastic

Z Flx: $15.99

A very flexible plastic with a very high grip and high durability. An excellent plastic for all weather conditions and becomes more flexible in hotter temperatures.
Discraft Z Flx Plastic

Z Glo: $17.99

A more grippy Z-line plastic with slightly less durability but glows in the dark.
Discraft ZGlo Plastic

Z Flye Dye: $17.99

The same Z-Line plastic but with a unique multi-colored dye appearance.
Discraft Z Flye Dye Plastic

Big Z: $15.99

A highly durable plastic with high grip. If you're looking for the durability of Z-Line plastic but with more grip, Big Z plastic is the way to go. Typically comes with cool picture stamps.

Discraft Big Z Plastic

ESP: $17.99

A pro caliber, high performance plastic with both high grip and durability. An excellent plastic for all weather conditions and all types of discs.

Discraft ESP Plastic

Titanium: $17.99

The best for both performance and appearance. Titanium plastic has high grip and very high durability.

Discraft Titanium Plastic

 Innova Banner


DX: $9.99

An affordable, economy plastic with high grip and low durability. DX plastic breaks in quickly, allowing the disc to take on new flight characteristics with use. Ideal for new players looking for inexpensive discs and for putters.

Innova DX Plastic

XT: $13.99

An affordable firm, very high grip plastic with higher durability compared to DX plastic. Great for all weather conditions and provides a great value.

Innova XT Plastic

Champion: $16.99

A very highly durable plastic with moderate grip and a translucent appearance. Champion plastic was designed for professions and can take a heavy beating with minimal damage and flight characteristic changes. An excellent option for heavily wooded and rugged courses.

Innova Champion Plastic

Blizzard Champion: $16.99

Champion plastic but with the addition of microscopic bubbles within the plastic for ultra low weights. This allows for high speed drivers to have low weights which help to gain maximum distance with less effort. Most models below 135 grams float in water.
Innova Champion Blizzard Plastic

Metal Flake Champion: $18.99

Champion plastic but with the addition of metal flakes for a unique appearance.
Innova Champion Metal Flake Plastic

Glow Champion: $18.99

Champion plastic that glows in the dark.
Innova Champion Glow

I-Dye Champion: $19.99

Champion plastic with unique dyed designs for a one-of-a-kind appearance.
Innova Champion I-Dye Plastic

Star: $17.99

 Innova's premium plastic blend with very high durability and very high grip. An excellent option for all weather conditions and all types of discs.

Innova Star Plastic

StarLite: $17.99

The same high quality Star plastic but with microscopic bubbles from Blizzard technology. This results in a premium high speed driver with weights down to 130 grams.

Innova Starlite Plastic

GStar: $15.99

A special blend of Star plastic with added grip and flexibility. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen. An excellent plastic for cold weather.

Innova GStar Plastic

EchoStar: $14.99

Made from recycled plastic, EchoStar Plastic has nearly the same durability as premium plastics and high grip. An eco-friendly option that is also wallet friendly if you're looking for a plastic similar to premium plastics.

Innova Echo Star Plastic