After what feels like an eternity away from the blog, I find myself back behind the keyboard again. I love this sport, and writing about it has been a wonderful adventure. However, the start of an even more important and life-defining adventure was beginning. This was my start to the adventure of fatherhood. I decided that the best way to live in the moment and enjoy all those miraculous firsts with my son was to truly disengage. I backed off social media and the blog, to give myself time to truly enjoy the special gift that was my son.

When I take time to myself, I often find my mind wondering and pondering where I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. I discovered a lot about myself on those long nights wide awake after big sports games in high school or while I was working evenings for a farming company. You get a chance to really gain perspective.

After the last two months, what has become painfully obvious to me is how much I love my family and how important their time and happiness is to me. I’ve also discovered that disc golf is something that has oftentimes been a refuge for me in times of stress or pain. The complexities of life diminish when compared to the simple spinning of a flying disc. You lose yourself between the tee and the pin, caught up in a game where the only opponent is yourself. Just be better than you were the throw before.

Just be better than you were the day before. Small steps. Patience.

I cannot wait, more than anything, to share this sport that I love with the son I love so very much. I think about him someday looking back on the blog posts and getting to see a glimpse of his father, typed and published online. That alone, makes me desire to be better, to create better, to live better.

I say all that to say that the blog is back, and we are going to take it to some seriously new heights. Stay tuned readers because it’s about to get wild!


 Gary Daddario -

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